The website outlines modelling choices in relation to diverse entities described in the Consortium's data. The modelling is provided, whenever possible, using CIDOC-CRM. However, in certain cases, other ontologies are used. For each of the described entities, diverse encoding choices were outlined, and a decision about each of them was made. The scope of this document is not to provide a track of this process, but just to present its results. The documentation of the possible modelling and encoding of an entity in RDF can be found in the Annex A.

For each entity, as an example of its use, an RDF encoding of a real-world statement is provided. The syntax of the encoding is Turtle, and all the prefix used can be found on http://prefix.cc/.

On the left of the screen, the reader can see the sections of the website. The entry Entities outline the main basic modelling choices with explanations and examples. While the majority of the modelling examples are in the Entities section, for some specific subject, where we deemed that more explanation would be needed, we decided to have some special sections. It is the case of Time, Bibliographic Data and Images.

Comments and further explanations can be opened as issues in Github.