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Data Harmonization

The website outlines modelling CIDOC-CRM patterns used within the CORDH data. Modelling patterns are provided, whenever possible, using CIDOC-CRM. Some cases, however, do use and propose the use of other complementary ontologies. The described patterns are divided, for browsing purpose, into General, Physical, Conceptual and Temporal patterns. For each pattern, as an example of its use, an RDF encoding of a real-world statement is provided. The syntax of the encoding is Turtle, and all the prefix used can be found on

On the left of the screen, the reader can see the sections of the website. The entry General pattern outline the main basic modelling choices with explanations and examples. More modelling choices are provided for Physical, Conceptual and Temporal entities.

We deemed important to dedicate to specific subjects their own section, where more explanation on the nature and possible modelling of the entity have been provided. It is the case of Time, Bibliographic Data and Images.

Comments and further explanations can be opened as issues in Github.